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"A well-known author, Richard has written thirty books and hundreds of articles. Among his best known books are Man of Valor, Strength For the Storm, Deliver Me, The Making of A Man, Perils of Power, The Rhythm of Life, When You Lose Someone You Love, Witness the Passion, and Encounters With Christ. orologi replica His first novel, The Alabaster Cross, was released in 2006. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines including "Leadership Journal," "Charisma," "Ministries Today," "The Pentecostal Evangel," "Advance," "Enrichment" and "New Man."

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Man of Valor

This is your chance to prove YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES

In a society where it has become socially acceptable to hide who we really are, author Richard Exley, addresses the daunting pressures all men face challenging them to confront those issues with conviction and strength of character.

A compelling presentation, without theological posturing, Exley speaks about the uncomfortable and often unspoken issues of manhood addressing everything from financial pressures, integrity, health, juggling the demands of family and career and the real price of infidelity.

As a man created in the image of God, you are destined for greatness. You were created to conquer. You may feel it is too late, that you've been robbed of your destiny. Efforts to prove your masculinity, whatever form they may have takenathletic exploits, financial success, sexual escapades, or even feats of courage may have all proven futile. Think again.  While your inner enemies can never be defeated with the carnal weapons of physical prowess or business acumen they are no match for the Truth.  God's truth will defeat these enemies and set you free to fulfill your destiny. 

Set in a devotional format, the chapters are short, hard-hitting, and straight to the point utilizing action steps designed to help you integrate these principles into your own daily life.

But enough of that let's get started your destiny is calling.

Man of Valor
White Stone Books, 2005
Paperback 238 pages

"I have a library of several hundred books. In it, I've reserved a special section for only a few special books that have become a staple in my life. I read those few books over and over again, even take them with me when I travel. Man of Valor is one of them. My copy is bent and warped from all the use. If you are a man and are serious about your walk with God get this book!" (Perry M, Greenwell Springs, LA)